Page updated: 27.04.14

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens At The First Treatment?

To form a diagnosis I need a detailed understanding of your medical history, diet, life style, work and the sort of stresses that you may be under on a physical or emotional level.

Much of this information will be obtained by asking you relevant questions and if a structural assessment is required you may be asked to disrobe to your underwear during this examination. At all times the procedures will be explained to you during the initial diagnosis. If you wish to have a friend or relative with you at any time this is perfectly acceptable.

You will then be told my diagnosis of your problem and my suggested treatment protocol. I will also tell you how many treatments I think you may need and what costs you need to consider.

How Often Do I Need Treatment?

Most people will need treatment on a weekly basis until some improvement has been maintained. Then treatments will be spaced further apart. You may also be advised to have a regular check up, especially if the problem is a recurrent one.

Some people will need extensive treatment whereas others will need only a few treatments. On average I find most people need a minimum of 6 treatments to obtain benefit from therapy. It is a requirement of my code of ethics that I keep to a minimum, the amount of treatments that each patient undergoes.

Is It Painful?

With physiotherapy, manipulative therapy and any ‘hands on’ work there may be a degree of discomfort as tight, shortened muscles and joints are worked on, but most people describe this sensation as a ‘sweet pain’ rather than a trauma. Some people would like to try acupuncture but are discouraged by memories of injections, but it is quite different. The needles I use are extremely fine and solid, like thick hairs, and totally unlike those used in injections. The sensation varies from a dull ache to a tingling in the local area that lasts a very short time and is quite acceptable to most people. A treatment session may only use two to six points. Sometimes a point may be warmed using a herb, a process known as moxabustion. This is a very gentle and calming method of treatment.

Are The Needles Safe?

Only the finest quality disposable needles are used. Once used the needle is disposed of. It is never used on more than one patient. I am bound by a stringent Code of Practice and my premises are registered with the department of Environmental Health.

Should I Tell My Doctor?

If you have been under the care of the doctor you may wish to tell them that you are having physiotherapy or acupuncture. If I discover anything about your condition that I feel needs further investigation then I may well advise you to seek other advice before continuing your treatment with me.

What Is The Cost?

£38 per treatment. Treatment time is usually 45 minutes. There is no additional charge for a first consultation and treatment. There is no cancellation charge.

Some patients may be offered half hour appointments that are £30